Shiloh Baptist Church

Saraland, AL

Celebrating 75 years in 2018

LifeGroups:  Helping people become disciples of Jesus Christ by doing life together as we are:


1.  Following Him

2.  Being Changed By Him

3.  Being On Mission With Him

God has called us to:




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FAQ on Life Groups:


1.  What is a a life group? A small group of people who meet together once a week to encourage, challenge and care for one another for the purpose of grown in Christ together. In Matthew 28:19 we are instructed to go and make disciples… A disciple is someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and is committed to the lost.


2. What is the purpose of a life group?   We believe at Shiloh our purpose is to Love God, love people and we do that by reaching our world one person at a time. We are using these life groups to propel this process. We desire to be a church that is making disciples through relational environment here and abroad.


3. What do we study? Right now we are studying the new testament gospels. We are going to follow the ministry of Jesus.


4. I am in church regularly and in Sunday school? So why do I need to be a part of a life group?  Life group is an opportunity to connect together through God’s word. Sunday School and church are often lecture style, where are you being taught to. In life groups we sit in a circle in more of a relaxed atmosphere. We talk as a group. One way to explain is this; the leader has a part to direct the group, the individuals have a part to listen and obey, and the Holy Spirit plays a part during the whole process. We aren’t there to “fix” each other or solve problems.


5. Is there a cost associate with the groups?  There is not a monetary cost, but there is the cost of your time. We meet once a week for 1-1.5 hours. There is a not a Bible study book.


6. How do I sign up for one, where can I find the schedule, how often do they meet? The times are listed on our facebook page. -   You can just find one that fits best with your schedule and join us or send Cindy a message at All groups meet once a week in the Shiloh cafe for 1-1.5 hours.


7. How are the groups divided? age? gender? We have a couple of specific groups. 1 men’s group on Monday’s at 10am. A high school girls  group on Wed. 3:30-4:30, College at 8pm on Wed. All other groups are for college and older. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, parents, or not. All different ages are welcome, because it is always wonderful to see different perspectives.


8. So,  If I worked shift work or couldn’t come every week? Is that ok? Like I wont be  a lesson behind?   No, the groups are open and visitors are welcomed at any time. A couple of us went to visit a group at another church to get a feel for how it was to be the outsiders. This group was established, yet  we felt very much a part. We would probably would have gone back if we weren’t excited to start our own group. ;) By the way, in that group was a college student, a young couple with a baby, couple where only one spouse could come, singles, older couples…. and it was everyone sharing. I was left encouraged and challenged in a good way.


9. Is there childcare available?   Absolutely! Just send Cindy a message to let her now how many kids to expect.


Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9:00

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:15

Sunday Evening Worship:  5:00

Wednesday Evening Programs:  6:30

251.675.3587    |

717 Cleveland Rd.   |  Saraland, AL  36571

Located at corner of Cleveland and 2nd

one block behind Wendy's in Saraland.