Shiloh Baptist Church

Saraland, AL

Celebrating 75 years in 2018

Recent Podcasts

10/1/2017  Ephesians 3:14-21 - What It Takes for God to Blow Your Mind by Pastor Robert Lutz


9/24/2017 Ephesians 3:1-13 - I Got A Secret by Dale Maddy  Morning Worship


9/17/2017 Ephesians 2:13-22 - The Changed Life by Pastor Robert  Morning Worship


9/03/2017 Ephesians 2:1-12 - God's Amazing Grace by Pastor Robert  Morning Worship


8/27/2017 Ephesians 1:13-23 - Enlightened and Empowered by Pastor Robert  Morning Worship


8/20/2017 Ephesians 1:1-12 - The Exuberant Life by Pastor Robert  Morning Worship


8/20/2017  A Peculiar People by Bro. Dale Maddy Evening Service


08-16-2017  Walking Through The Old Testament - Book of Job  by Pastor Robert


08-13-2017  Life: Its Complicated Part 4 - Time and Distractions by Pastor Robert


08-06-2017  Life: Its Complicated Part 3 - Relationships and Rejection by Pastor Robert


07-30-2017  Life: Its Complicated Part 2 - The War between Flesh and Spirit by Pastor Robert


07-30-2017  Between Two Thieves by Dr. Dale Maddy


07-23-2017  Life: Its Complicated by Pastor Robert


07-16-2017  Having a Continual Awareness of God's Presence (Life Lessons by Moses) by Pastor Robert


07-16-2017  Coming Home by Dr. Dale Maddy


03-26-2017  Courage to Go into the Lion's Den by Pastor Robert


03-19-2017  Facing Lions in Life by Pastor Robert


03-12--2017  Essential Beliefs of the Believer by Pastor Robert


03-12-2017  Our Response to God's Extravagent Love by Pastor Robert


03-05-2017:  Why Some Love God More - In this podcast, Pastor Robert uses a story of five people to explore why some people respond to God's love more so than others and how we can see just how much God does indeed love us.


02-26-2017:  The Magnitude of God's Love - In this podcast, Pastor Robert takes a look at the magnitude of God's love for each of us from creation to us individually to redemption.  This message is sure to encourage that God does have a plan for each of us.



Other Popular Podcasts:



03.29.2015  The Testimony of Peter.  In this podcast, Pastor Robert gives a first person viewpoint of the crucifixion from the view of Peter the disciple.


03.22.2015 A Journey Through The Bible.  In this podcast, Pastor Robert Lutz gives the story or the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in less than 45 minutes.  It culminates in a monologue Pastor Robert wrote from his personal quiet times revealing who God is in each book of the Bible.


Most Requested Podcasts:


1.  A Journey Through The Bible in 45 Minutes


2.  Eight Hours


3.  America: Past, Present & Future


4.  How To Pray


5.  The Scroll Project (Presented by Christian Heritage Foundation) where they brought complete Old Testament Scrolls to Shiloh and explained unique characteristics of Hebrew scrolls

Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9:00

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:15

Sunday Evening Worship:  5:00

Wednesday Evening Programs:  6:30

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